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  • Furnishings

    Ulster Weavers Furnishings

    Moygashel is the Furnishing Textiles division of Ulster Weavers.

    We have a well deserved reputation for weaving quality Irish linen based on exacting manufacturing standards and unparalleled market experience.

    Proud of our traditional roots, we have been quick to embrace new technologies,
    affording us the speed and flexibility to service the global arena.

    Stocking full colour ranges in Ireland, we offer a wholesale linen program with order minimums of only a ½ piece (30m) per colour, eliminating the burden for our customers of maintaining high inventory levels.

  • Apparel

    Ulster Weavers Apparel

    Prized above all by many of Europe’s leading fashion designers for their luxurious linens.

    Spence Bryson Linens

    These fabrics embody both a timeless quality and underpinning elegance that translate into sheer luxury
    for men and women’s tailoring.

  • Industrial

    Ulster Weavers Industrial

    This comprehensive line of robust and raw goods has been a staple of Ulster Weavers fabric portfolio for decades.

    The Ulster Weavers Industrial range offers 21 stock supported fabrics.

    This range offers scrims, cotton ducks, artist canvas, model form and interlining fabrics in a variety of widths and colours.